Characteristics of Honey

  • It has a characteristic strong flavor and aroma in its purest natural form (untreated and unadulterated).
  • It is from honey bees that lives in clean environment free from pollution and forage on mountain flowers at above 2600 meters above sea level.
  • The bees are given sufficient time to process the nectar into fully ripened honey so that the bees can enrich the honey with their enzymes and other ingredients. (Commercial beekeepers in some of the countries extract honey too early, thereby depriving the honey of its ‘medical substances’).
  • The moisture content of its honey is below 18%. The honey is not bottled / sold if the moisture content exceeds 18%.
  • It is extracted and bottled under strict sanitary conditions using modern equipments.

The association mainly produces natural honey. Part of this is further processed into creamed honey. Although some quantities of bee wax are produced, the wax is used to maintain the beehive’s combs.

The types honey produces by the association is show below:

The bottling is done at the unit located at Jalikhar through a German made automatic machine. The bottling is done in different sizes and weight categories of 500g, 400g, 300g and 275g. Labeling is done at the unit and it is all done manually. It is then packed in cardboard box each containing 12 bottles.

The prices for different types of honey produced are all same. They charge prices according to the weight of honey. Current prices are as follows:

However, they produce cream honey only in one weights category of 500 grams, which is priced at Nu. 135.00

The association itself does the distribution in Bumthang Dzongkhag and also buyers can buy directly from BEKAB. All transportation to other dzongkhag is done by the BEKAB which is charged.

There has been very little effort in trying to develop marketing strategies these products mainly because the association is not able to meet the current demand. Some of the marketing efforts done by the BEKAB are distribution of brochures, leaflets and few media adds (BBS). The demand far exceeds the supply and marketing efforts undertaken by the association, both within and outside the country, was very minimal. However, with the increase open-market competition, the association has plans to getting its efforts towards exploring potential markets both internally as well as externally and increasing its marketing efforts.