Operational Plan

The beekeepers cooperative of Bhutan is governed by general assembly (GA), which elects the Board of Director (BoD) composed of 5 members. The General Assembly is the highest decision making body of the cooperatives. The General Assembly is held twice a year. However, it may hold special meeting, if necessary. The boards of director is responsible for coordinating the meeting and informs and furnish the member with the agenda as well as the place and time of the meeting, at least one week before the conduct of the General Assembly.

Production, Management and Marketing

Following are the rules regarding production, management and marketing:

  • Hive material will be sold to new beekeepers only
  • No colonies will be supplied from BCOB until and unless they are trained in different management aspects
  • Private beekeepers are free to sell their colonies and queens provided that they the new beekeeper should not complain to BCOB
  • No queens and colonies will be purchased from the neighboring countries by members without consulting the BCOB.
  • Any beekeeper wanting to shift his colonies to a place where traditionally other beekeeper have already establish colonies should consult their colleagues before shifting the colonies to that place.
  • Any member who wants to shift his/her colonies out of district as a migratory beekeeping should consult BCOB to enable BCOB to consult relevant and concerned authorities.
  • Queens breeding earlier done by BCOB and selection of drone colonies from BCOB apiary can be done by member provided colonies are free of disease.
  • Rate of queens will be fixed according to the quality and demand.
  • BCOB will not replace any bee queen, if the queen is accepted by the colonies
  • Honey super will be removed in sunny weather and the program can be adjusted after discussion with the Chairman
  • Only ripened honey will be extracted and members should wait till honey is 80% capped.
  • Honey with more than 18% moisture content will be rejected by BCOB
  • All the materials such as fork and tables should be cleaned everyday by the users
  • The honey will be checked will be checked before bottling, packaging and labeling will be done under the supervision of the in-charge and it should be done in the premises of the association
  • A commission of Nu.5 per bottle of 500 grams will be charged and this will have to Paid to BCOB while taking over the honey.
  • Direct sale of honey will have to be approved by the board.
  • The price of honey would be adjusted according to the price of material and inflation rate.
  • Besides BCOB duties, the vehicle can be hired by member for shifting of colonies and hive materials. The vehicle movement will be restricted within Bumthang Dzonghag and the hire charge fixed at present at Nu.15/Km. however, the vehicle will not be used in extremely bad roads.
  • Queen for mating yard will be supplied after through checking by both the buyer and seller.
  • Use of casting machine is free of cost. However, honey and kerosene should be arranged by user themselves and care should be taken while handling it.
  • No hive material will be hired out to the members by BCOB
  • Sugar for spring feeding will be provided on 50% payment basis.
  • Sugar for winter feeding will be provided on cash and carry basis.

Overall function of the Board of Directors

  • Organizing meeting to share information on the financial progress, progress of various group initiative and activities
  • Receive, accept and invite applications for cooperative membership from individual beekeepers.
  • Plan group activities and take decision on the plans and issues that are of importance to the group and community.
  • Prepare annual work plans for submission to the General Assembly for approval and implementation.
  • Facilitating marketing 0f products.
  • Facilitating communication linkages.
  • Obtain and mobilize funds for the cooperative
  • Maintaining up-to-date records and documents.
  • Propose amendments to the by-laws.
  • Review and present progress and performance report to the General Assembly.
  • Represent the group in other forums.

Responsibilities of office bearers

Chair person

The chairman will be the overall in-charge of BEKAB. He shall exercise general controls as the head of the Association. He will preside over the meeting of the board as well as the GA. The powers and responsibilities of the chairman include:

  • Initiate planning & implementation of group activities
  • Coordinate and ensure proper functioning of the group.
  • Call for General Assembly and other meeting as and when required.
  • Explore internal as well as external markets
  • To sign as a joint-signatory to the treasure responsible to handle the cash.
  • Coordinate and develop linkage with other stakeholders
  • Take disciplinary action against any defaulters.
  • Review and audit the books of account and financial statement of the group every month
  • He shall sign on behalf of BCOB on all agreements jointly with the secretary.


The secretary will also be the Vice-Chairman of the Association. He will assist the Chairman and supervises and has general control over the day-to-day administration, management and business of the BCOB. The responsibilities include:

  • Assist Chairman in the functioning of the group
  • Act as Chairman in his absence
  • Maintain updated list of BCOB members
  • Maintain minutes of the GA and other meetings and ensure distribution within 1 month after the end of the GA/meeting.
  • Maintain other document related to the group.
  • Compile and prepare reports for GA meeting.
  • Ensure accessibility and availability of all group records and information.
  • Ensure proper storage of all goods and assets belonging to BCOB.
  • Undertake other duties assigned by the Chairperson.


The treasurer will be responsible for maintenance of all financial records and the books of accounts. He/she will prepare the monthly and yearly accounts which will be submitted to the board and General Assembly for deliberation and approval. His/her responsibilities include:

  • Maintain books of accounts in a transparent manner
  • Prepare and present annual audited financial report to the GA and other agencies.
  • Prepare all vouchers for receipts/payments
  • Ensure that all disbursement is made in line with the provision given in the by-laws.
  • Timely collection of all dues.
  • Ensure that members have accessibility to any financial documents or books of accounts.
  • Any other duties as assigned by the Chairperson.

The operational costs for the cooperative include salary for the chairperson (Nu.7000 per month): compensatory payment foe involvement of secretary (Nu.300 per day for about 60 days in year): and the salary for the treasurer cum care taker (Nu.4500 per month). The total salary amount to Nu.156,000 which has been kept the same for the successive years. Likewise, additional DSA of Nu.9000 is projected for costs on travels made by the executives for the purpose of the cooperative. The operational costs therefore amount to Nu. 165,000 per year as presented in table 6 below.

Table 6: projected operational costs for honey production and marketing